Minda Sherry - Founder & PresidentFounder & President

Minda Sherry

Businesswoman Minda Sherry wants to build a premiere bookkeeping company with multiple offices filling the financial reporting and regulatory needs of hundreds of small businesses. Minaris Bookkeeping Plus is becoming just that. Its first year saw dozens of customers come on board.

Business is deeply part of her. As an elementary schoolgirl growing up in the Philippines she bought candies in bulk and retailed them to her classmates. Living in her ancestral home of Japan for nearly two decades further developed her business skills. She consulted for courts, providing translation services after learning to read and write Japanese. She excelled at building networks and a direct sales organization. And she even opened and operated a nightclub for several years!

“How does a woman move from being a nightclub owner to running a bookkeeping company?” you might ask. Surprisingly, they have much in common. Both involve precise management of financial records and meeting regulatory demands. Both require careful employee training and supervision to achieve an elevated service level. She believes clients deserve respect and thanks for choosing her business by serving up exactly what they want and need, and no more.

Performing while pursuing excellence is Minda’s way. Perhaps this was sparked when, as a young girl, she once (literally) sang for her and her family’s supper. Her poise and exuberance as a troupe’s lead dancer enabled her move to Japan. (And you’d be right if you guessed she was on her own nightclub’s stage more than a few times!) Her arrival in Canada in 2000 led to new ways to perform. She’s appeared in musical theatre productions and ballroom dancing galas.

After landing in Yellowknife Minda discovered bookkeeping. She did contract work with a few local small businesses before being hired by a major expediting company. Years there taught her the ins and outs of Canadian bookkeeping, payroll and related business taxation and reporting rules. As activity wound down for her employer, Minda’s employment hours were cut. For some, that would be a fearful time. For Minda, it was an opportunity. She began building her bookkeeping business. Connecting with a local high profile accountant led to helping him serve clients. The word got around, and local small businesses began to contact her directly.

Love showed up by the name of Richard, and marriage brought Minda to Calgary in 2013. Even before arriving she’d rented an office and was planning the launch of Minaris Bookkeeping Plus. The first year was very good. Her customer list has grown into the dozens and several assistant bookkeepers have been hired.

Small business owners say they enjoy Minda’s upbeat, energetic personality. Also, she insists on doing things right by her clients, such as not charging for calls with quick questions and having flexible payment options. And most of all, they report that accountants absolutely love the professionally prepared year-­‐end binder that makes their job as easy as possible.

Minaris Bookkeeping Plus is a reflection of its owner. Precise, determined, focused, having high standards, and a committed to serve her valued clients.

    Richard Sherry - Business Development ManagerBusiness Development Manager

    Richard Sherry

    Richard Sherry is relatively new to running a business, though it is a challenge he enjoys sharing with his wife Minda. Together they are building Minaris Bookkeeping into a reliable team member for hundreds of small and medium-sized businesses.

    His love of learning meant always enjoying school, especially mathematics. This led to Engineering at Ottawa's Carleton University. The then-unique 'common core' program grounded Richard in civil, mechanical and electrical engineering basics. In year four he specialized to become an electrical engineer.

    Half way through the four-year degree program he took a drive through United States of about 20,000 km. through 30 states. He re-entered Canada in British Columbia and turned right, planning to return to Ottawa to start 3rd year. But upon reaching Calgary a short visit with friends led to a yearlong hiatus from school and the discovery of a new home. But that would have to wait.

    Employment opportunities were abundant for newly-hatched electrical engineers, but Richard felt compelled to stay in school. Accepted into the first cohort of a newly-minted co-op Masters degree program, two years and two work terms later he graduated. Soon he began his engineering career with a high-flying telephone systems manufacturer.

    Richard worked in R & D and manufacturing over four years. He discovered a love of manufacturing systems. His natural aptitude in developing systems stays with him today while building the business of Minaris Bookkeeping.

    But Calgary was calling. A new job opportunity in the then-emerging mobile phone business was the vehicle to return 'home.' Three years there and his time working as an engineer was done.

    To delay making the decision about what was next, Richard chose to travel the world for about a year. He visited many Asian and Middle-Eastern countries, a few European ones, and explored parts of England and Scotland. He decided he wanted to get paid to travel, rather than to pay to do it. He decided to become a teacher.

    A two-year stint at the University of Calgary and three years experience teaching math and science in a Calgary public high school readied him. Though initially targeting Japan, he ended up in Ecuador for four years. Learning Spanish and visiting Latin countries were two of many benefits he got during those years.

    Afterwards he returned to Calgary, teaching for eight more years to round out his teaching career. He must love Calgary. He has moved here four times since 1976.

    It was business that lured him away from teaching. Starting his own company in 2009 he marketed various financial and investment products. Providing a great customer experience through education and support was always his priority.

    Then he met Minda. They clicked fast and were married within a year, in 2013. Richard dragged her to Calgary where she began Minaris Bookkeeping immediately after returning from their Paris honeymoon. Time for business!

    His hobbies include motorcycling, dancing and skiing. In fact, he has toured on three different Gold Wing motorcycles across Canada and the United States, and on a BMW motorcycle in Mexico. He can't wait to get his next Beemer.