At Last. A Calgary Bookkeeper Who Doesn’t Suck

It’s a sad fact. Some Calgary bookkeepers suck. Some are lousy at taking care of your paper hurricane quickly and accurately. Seems like you threw things in a black hole, never to be seen again? Or received a brown envelope from the CRA wondering why you haven’t filed GST yet? Minaris gets rid of this for you.

We hate to admit it, but we’ve made a bunch of money from fixing other bookkeepers’ mistakes. Sad. Ever had nothing processed for weeks after you turned in paperwork? Ever get a huge bill from your accountant who had to correct dozens of errors? It’s all so completely unnecessary.

Why Minaris Has Many Unfair Advantages Over Our Competition

We’ve felt the sting of bad bookkeeping service. The owners had experience in business before Minaris was born four years ago. Spent hours doing boring data entry instead of focussing on growing your business? Had to deal with CRA hassles because a bookkeeper goofed up? Been frustrated by not having up-to-date financial reports? We’ve been there.

When we created Minaris we vowed to create a bookkeeping company organized to provide exactly what business owners want: Bookkeeping done. Done right. Done right on time.

Because Bookkeeping Should Be An “Out of Sight, Out of Mind” Thing

Let’s face it. Business owners who do their own bookkeeping are wasting their time. When growing your business, what’s more important than time? You be using it for things like:

  • Marketing and selling your products and services
  • Making sure those products and services are delivered to your customers satisfactorily
  • Running your business by dealing with employees, suppliers and customers
  • Thinking about how you are going to grow your business
  • And maybe, just maybe, having some fun with family and friends?

Doing data entry for hours on end  make a good use of your time? Of course not! For what you’ll pay us to sweep this hassle out of your business life, you’ll gain back many times over!

How To Make Bookkeeping Easy

Of course we’re going to say, “Hire us!” You expected that. Here’s why you should hire us:

  • We customize our services to your company’s need. No canned packages. You pay only for what you need done.
  • We make this chore easy. Simply put your invoices, receipts and statements into an envelope (that we’ll give you!) and give it to us each month. We’ll even show you how to organize everything to save you money.
  • If you’re a monthly client, then we’ll get everything back to you within a week. (Assuming you’ve given us everything we need, of course.) This means you get your company’s number in your hands faster. You don’t miss any GST filings. You’re ready at year-end to get the books in to your accountant on time (and save money).
  • We are accountable to you. After working on your bookkeeping, we deliver a report showing when we worked on it, which bookkeeper did the work and how much time was needed, and an itemized list of any problems we discovered (for example, missing receipts).
  • We want to help you grow. We want to become part of your team. We are eager to sit down with you so you understand what that mass o’ numbers in the financial reports are saying. Good bookkeeping tells your company’s financial story. We love helping business owners understand their company’s story.

I'm here because:

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Some of Our Unfair Advantages Over Our Competition

  1. The Owners Are Passionate About Bookkeeping
  2. How We Hire Our Bookkeepers
  3. A Session Checklist Keep Us Accountable to You
  4. We Put Your Company’s Financial Story Into a Binder
  5. Our Workflow System Gives You Fast Turnaround
  6. We Have Great Payroll Partners
  7. Our Passion for Accuracy
  8. Our Convenient Location In Calgary
  9. Flexibility About Where We Process Your Data
  10. We Use Multiple Bookkeeping  Software Platforms
  11. Free Secured File Transfer to Exchange Information
  12. Counselling Business Owners About Your Numbers
  13. Flexible Chart of Accounts That Changes to Meet Your Needs
  14. We Can Grow With You

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