Our Expertise And Knowledge Serves You

Clients stop worrying about gathering their business numbers after we join their team. Expertise and passion will serve you in the best way possible. Minaris’s bookkeepers use proper bookkeeping software to collect and report your Business’s Financial Story.

You Are Like Our Current Clients

You are a small- or medium-sized business owner with annual sales between $50,000 and $27,000,000, and staff from 1 to 50. You either can’t afford or don’t want to have a full-time bookkeeper on staff. Nonetheless, you want confidence that your business numbers are recorded accurately and regularly.

You Need Us Because…

You are just too busy working on your business to do tasks like bookkeeping. You also realize this is an important responsibility. Without good numbers you know you can’t make good business decisions.

Take away the worry and hassle of doing your own data entry. Get the timely reports that you and your accountant need. Make sure all your government regulatory duties are dispensed with when they must be.

Why We Do What We Do

Minaris Bookkeeping Plus has a passion to take bookkeeping worries away from small to medium-sized business owners like you. We’ll be a key team member, gathering and reporting your business’s Financial Story.

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our mission statement

To provide peace of mind to small and medium-sized businesses requiring outsourced bookkeeping services by helping them avoid regulatory hassles and gathering crucial business information they need for success.

We achieve this by systemizing our operations for efficiency, offering flexible service choices, fair pricing, timely job completion and talking regularly with our clients.

Are you…a bookkeeper victim?

You must keep your Business’s Financial Story up to date. Good decision making depends upon good numbers.  This means you must have your books updated at least monthly.

Do your account categories make no sense to you and your accountant? Is your filing system a mess, or practically non-existent? Are there lots of receipts and paid invoices collecting dust somewhere? Has your bank account just gone into the red because your business hasn’t sent out invoices lately? Are you suspicious your current bookkeeper is committing fraud?

If you answered “Yes” to even one of those questions, your bookkeeping isn’t being taken care of properly.

Call us TODAY if you can’t answer these questions:

  • What is your year-to-date profit as of the end of last month?
  • What is your available cash flow as of the end of last month?

If you don’t know the answers to these two questions, then you are a Bookkeeper Victim.

are you…ready to take off?

You are beginning to wonder if you can handle all the work that’s coming in! It’s incredibly exciting as you start seeing your sales volume explode. It’s also very stressful.

Noticing that the little things are getting missed? Maybe you’re not sitting down in front of the computer to enter your expenses as diligently as before. Beginning to realize that your Excel spreadsheet doesn’t tell you enough about your business’s Financial Story? Find out the hard way you didn’t the cash or credit available as you thought? Is ‘administriva’ taking you away from talking to potential and existing customers?

If you answered “Yes” to even one of those questions, then it’s time to offload responsibility for your bookkeeping to the professionals at Minaris Bookkeeping.

Call us TODAY if you can’t answer these questions:

  • The last time I was caught up on my bookkeeping duties was ______________.
  • The current financial state of my business is _____________.

If you don’t know the answers to these two questions, then you are the owner of a Ready to Take Off Business.

Are you…needing a rescue?

You got a phone call from the Canada Revenue Agency. Or maybe several. Your company’s bank account is about to be frozen because of missing GST remittances or unfiled corporate tax returns for a year…or a few.

Are you way behind? Are piles and piles of receipts strewn about your office? Or hidden in a box or a desk drawer? Want to sell your business but the books are so far behind your potential buyer can’t see your business’s Financial Story? Is the balance of your business’s bank account your only measure of how the business is doing?

If you answered “Yes” to even one of those questions, then contact the pros at Minaris Bookkeeping to help you get caught up. You business—and maybe your livelihood—depends upon you dealing with this.

Call us TODAY if you can’t answer these questions:

  • The last time I filed my business’s tax return was ____________.
  • The amount of profit I made last year was $__________.

If you don’t know the answers to these questions, then your business needs a Bookkeeping Rescue Job.

Reach out to us today to discover how to take hassle out of your business life.

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