Monthly calendarThis is what’s best for your business. Gather your paperwork as you get it. Keep it organized. Get into a rhythm of turning in your paperwork each month at about the same time. We’ll make it easy for you.

Use a paper clip to gather receipts

Group them by payment account. For example:

  • One paper clip holds receipts the company’s chequing account
  • Another for the savings account
  • And a third for the credit card account

On each receipt write what it’s for, if it’s not obvious.

For example:

  • On a meal receipt note who you dined with
  • If some materials were bought for a particular customer’s job, and you are tracking that, then note the project number or customer’s name
  • If the receipt has personal items on it, then circle them and make a note accordingly

Print your account statements

When the bank and credit card account statement(s) are ready, print it/them out and attach to their batch of receipts.

  • Put the receipts into an envelope that Minaris will supply to you for free. It is labelled with your company’s name, your name and the month.
  • Turn it in to Minaris and we’ll take it from there!

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