paperworkOh, oh! Please let us help you with this right away. You could be in a world of hurt very soon.

This is because:

  1. You might be late with certain filings with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). This might include GST and your year-end taxes. They get ornery about such things.
  2. You don’t have the latest financial results for your company. Sorry, but the balance in your bank account doesn’t tell the whole story! You need up-to-date financial reports to really know what’s going on.
  3. The further you get behind the more desperate you become. The envelopes stack up in the corner or begin to fill a whole drawer in your desk. You begin to feel like it will be impossible to catch up!

Don’t give up! Call us and we’ll get things done, no matter how far behind you are. That’s what we do.

A True Story

We were asked by a small business owner to catch him up. He needed two years worth of bookkeeping to be taken care of. Two years! Needless to say the CRA was miffed at him for not submitting his corporate tax returns.

He was a bookkeeper victim. The Quickbooks data file was a mess. Entries were categorized incorrectly. GST wasn’t done properly. Payroll source deductions were incorrect.

And his paperwork was a mess! It took over 5 hours for each fiscal year, just to organize everything. Receipts were missing. Bank account and credit card statements were missing. Envelopes were unopened. It took a while to get through that.

When we looked at his Quickbooks file we realized it would be cheaper for him just to start from the beginning. We got hold of his last completed financial statements. In particular, we need the last valid Trial Balance. From this we set up his bookkeeping data file with the correct starting point.

It took a while but we got through everything. Two years of books ready for his accountant. We created two of the famous Minaris ‘Financial Story in a Binder’ for him. He’s breathing easier once again.

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