What Our Clients Say About Minaris Bookkeeping Plus

CPA Commends Great Work Done Fast

When Minda approached me she explained that the client was in a bit of distress and needed help under a very tight timeline. Her approach to handling all aspects of this client's account was incredible. She helped the client understand what needed to be done, set reasonable expectations, and effectively put the client at ease knowing the account would be handled flawlessly, efficiently and timely.

When it came time to pass on the work to me, it was very easy to accept because I had confidence in the thoroughness of the work. This solidified my confidence in recommending clients to her firm. I would do so without question. The dedication to her clients is incredible.

Chiropractor's Books Set Right

I approached Minda Sherry of Minaris Bookkeeping Plus and asked her if she could help me with my books for the past year so that I could have my financial information order for my accountant when taxes were due…in a few weeks. Not exactly much notice.

What I didn't realize at the time was that asking her for help with your books is like asking the Hulk to move your sofa—she is incredible. It is clear that she has an amazing work ethic and a true passion for helping people.

Minda took a chore that I dreaded off my hands and turned it into an amazing tool to help me lower my taxes and grow my business.

I am very impressed with the quality of service I received and highly recommend them for your bookkeeping needs.

Online Business Owner Recommends Minaris Bookkeeping

I would like to thank Minda for a great experience in doing my bookkeeping. She took her time and got to understand the business. I never felt rushed. Once the books were finished Minda insisted that she sit with me and show me the results. She also delivered the books directly to my accountant.

Later I received the invoice. It was so low I could not believe my eyes! She had spent many hours taking me in as a client but only charged me for the actual work completed.

I highly recommend Minaris Bookkeeping to whomever would like a happy, enriching experience with their bookkeeper.
Will JabaliRent2Me

Renovator's Business Still Operating Because of Minaris' Support

Richard assured me he would help me along the way. Two years later and my business is stronger than ever. I can honestly say if he didn't stay true to his word there is no way Down Under Renovations would be still operating.

Life Coach Experiences How Bookkeeping Makes His Business Life Easier

I had no bookkeeper and I didn't really understand anything about my books. Now I get organized books and monthly financial statements. I didn't realize the value that a bookkeeper could bring to my business.

Minda gets it. She clearly knows what she is doing and she is great to connect with! I am recommending Minda's bookkeeping service because she knows what she is doing and is a huge asset to my company.
Christopher LawrenceChange My Life Coaching

Chartered Accountant Highly Recommends Minaris

Minda has my highest recommendation as a bookkeeper.

She does high quality work, and will be able to provide you with the reports you need to help you make good decisions with your business.

She also does an excellent job in preparing a package for the year end taxes that we will prepare. This will assist in keeping our fees low as well.
Stephan Johnson CA, PartnerDorward & Company, Chartered Accountants

Business Broker Sees the How Great Bookkeeping Makes Businesses Saleable

I have seen countless business become unsaleable …and fail, due to poor bookkeeping practices.

I have the upmost respect and trust in Minda Sherry. Her professionalism is unparalleled in her industry, as well as her passion for what she does.

We walk into her office we are welcomed with such warmth. The truly cares about each and every client and ensures that their interests are the only one that matter.

A [challenging] client I sent to her was very distrustful of bookkeepers. He called me one month later thank me profusely and apologizing for not deciding to use her earlier.

I have no hesitation in recommending Minaris's services and am open to answering any queries that you may have.
John William WadeRemax Complete Realty

Skilled Trade Owner Hands Over His Books to Minaris So He Can Go and Make More Money

I found I didn't have sufficient knowledge of bookkeeping to make it worth my while. I was far better off working rather than wasting time on my books.

Minda is very professional, knowledgeable and trustworthy. I always get great results and advice.

As our company has grown we have found the need to make sure all numbers are processed accurately and efficiently. When we were smaller, we didn't think we needed the help, but soon learned otherwise!

Minda is excellent at bookkeeping and is a pleasure to deal with. Minaris Bookkeeping Plus would be a asset to anyone's business that wants to concentrate on making money.

Minda's honesty and sincerity is unmatched. I have total peace of mind knowing that my books are in her hands.
Burgess AndreBurgess Tiles

Owner Experiences the Benefits of Having a Professional Bookkeeper on Her Team

We didn't have enough time or the proper knowledge to do our own bookkeeping. [Now] we have someone that we know we can trust to get the bookkeeping done accurately and efficiently!

As our company has grown we have found the need to make sure all numbers are processed accurately and efficiently. When we were smaller, we didn't think we needed the help, but soon learned otherwise!

Minda is a not only a pleasure to deal with but also does an amazing job with our books—so much so that our accountant even raves about how easy she makes his job!

I would recommend Minaris to any business who is looking for someone that they can trust to do a great job. With Minaris looking after our books I don't feel the need to worry.

Glass Company Owner Wants Minaris to Become More Visible to Other Business Owners

We hired Minaris because our last book keeper was not good at [doing] their job.

After working with them we now have orderly books, [and it is] easy to find stuff needed for different applications.

We like their bookkeeping service because it's easy and we don't have to worry about it anymore.

We recommend Minda and Minaris Bookkeeping because we think its very good and should be better known!